A podcast about food and culture, and their intersections.

 All photos by Phil Stirling

All photos by Phil Stirling

Foodstuffs is a podcast that looks at our world through the lens of food; by focusing on innovation, thought-provoking discussion, and passionate people, we create- and satisfy- curiosity about the role food plays in our lives.

Using food as our lens, we are able to tackle subjects like social justice, health, culture, politics and identity in such a way, that it allows listeners to consider the work and thought that goes in to feeding their community every day. From birth, we learn eating habits throughout our lives. What informs them? Family? Peers? Culture? Politics? Media? Our passion about food drives our desire to share these stories and is a palpable and integral part of the show.


Jessica Walker has a Post-Graduate Radio Certificate from Humber College and a BA in Sociology & Social Anthropology from Dalhousie University. She interned and then worked as a producer for As It Happens on CBC Radio 1, all the while waiting tables on the side. She was surprised to learn that she could satisfy her passion for telling stories at the restaurant, in much the same way that she did when producing content for radio. Foodstuffs allows her to combine her three passions- sociology, audio & food.

Bryan Goman is a Toronto-based producer, host, and editor with over 10 years experience working in media production. He has produced and engineered radio programs for CIUT 89.5 FM, including The Keenan Wire and The Toronto Sound. He has also produced, directed, and edited commercials, educational content, and web-series for ad agencies, corporations, musicians, and entrepreneurs. However, Bryan’s true passion is food, which led him to produce and direct a documentary about Toronto’s burgeoning urban agriculture movement, which introduced him to actors and issues revolving around food.