Ep 39: A Farmer's Son's Perspective

This week we talk to the son of a farmer about his photographic homage to his upbringing, currently on display at Toronto's St Lawrence Market. Fittingly for one of Canada's oldest farmers' markets, Andrew McGill's work displays scenes from his hometown: farm life, county fairs and local characters.

What happens when you book most of your work in the city, but draw some of your greatest inspiration from your rural farming town? How Andrew McGill reconciles his past and present, and tries to envision his future.

To hear our chat with Andrew's father, Larry McGill, download Ep 14: The Homegrown Dinner Project & A Farmer's Perspective.

Two Half-Hitches Could Hold the Devil Himself is on display at the St. Lawrence Market through until August 26, 2017, as a part of the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival

All photos above courtesy of Andrew Blake McGill from his series Two Half-Hitches Could Hold the Devil Himself