Episode 10: The Beginning and the End: Jobs for Syrians & Honest Ed's

In our final episode of Season 1, we are looking back and looking forward.

For our first interview, Bryan speaks with a Lebanese-Canadian business owner who is offering work and learned wisdom to new Syrian-Canadians.

And then Jess catches up with the General Manager of Honest Ed's and talks about their final turkey giveaway at the iconic Bathurst & Bloor location.



Thanks to Jack Boyadjian, the owner of the Beiruti Grand Cafe (beiruti.ca/) in North York Toronto.

And big thanks to Russell Lazar, General Manager of Honest Ed's, for his time.

This Episode more than ever, huge thanks, to Erik Betlem, Ken Stowar and Sam Petite and CIUT for the use of Studio 2 all season.

And thanks very much to Chris Foster (www.chrisfoster.ca) for our Foodstuffs logo.


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Thanks for the good times!

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