Episode 9: Food Preservation: Seeds & Food Photos

Episode 9 has us thinking about the different ways we try to preserve food for posterity.

First, Bryan meets a different sort of librarian, who doesn't necessarily check in the same things he checks out.

And then Jess finds out about some of the many perks associated with working for a food stylist (hint: free food and lots of it).



Thanks so much to Brendan Behrmann, Chief Librarian for the Toronto Seed Library (www.torontoseedlibrary.org/). Thanks also to Jacob Keary-Moreland for connecting us. If you haven't heard our interview with Jacob about his Wikifarm, take a listen here (Foodstuffs-1 – Ep2-wiki-leeks).

And thanks so much to freelance food stylist and recipe developer, Michelle Rabin (www.instagram.com/michellerabin/). And thanks to Chloe Anderson for pointing out the obvious and suggesting the idea. To take a peek at Michelle's work, check out her website (www.michellerabin.com).

Big thanks, as always, to Erik Betlem, Ken Stowar and Sam Petite and CIUT for the use of their recording facilities.

And thanks very much to Chris Foster (www.chrisfoster.ca) for our Foodstuffs logo.



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