Episode 8: Juicing for Health: Achalasia & Cannabis

Episode 8 has us talking a lot about the different health benefits of liquid diets and juicing.

First, Jess catches up with someone who virtually wasn't able to swallow for nine months straight; not food, not water, not even his own spit.

Then we phone the west coast and Bryan speaks with an expert about the non-psychoactive & health benefits of a new form of cannabis for managing pain.



Thanks this week to Greg Milo for sharing his experience with achalasia. If you're curious about the treatment that relieved Greg of his symptoms, googling P.O.E.M.- or Per-Oral Endoscopic Myotomy- will provide all the information you might need.

Thanks also to Dieter MacPherson from Cannabis Digest (cannabisdigest.ca/juicing-raw-cannabis/) for meeting with Bryan over the phone.

Thanks always to Erik Betlem, Ken Stowar and Sam Petite and CIUT for the use of their recording facilities. The CIUT Funding Drive is over, but you can always donate to the station here (ciut.fm).

And thanks very much to Chris Foster (www.chrisfoster.ca) for our Foodstuffs logo.