Episode 4: Build it + Will they come?

On Episode 4 of Foodstuffs, Jess and Bryan take road trips to talk about two different self-contained food (and drink!) systems.

Jessica stops by Bucky Buckler’s to talk moonshining, cider, and Sackville, N.B.

Then Bryan meets with Joan Stonehocker to talk about the way the York Region Food Network is harnessing the power of a school to provide a different kind of learning experience for people in Newmarket, Ontario.



Thanks this week to Bucky Buckler, super cider maker, and to Maggie Pitts for putting us in touch.

Thanks also to Joan Stonehocker and to the upStream crew at the York Region Food Network (yrfn.ca/programs/upstream-aquaponics/). Keep an eye out for a new episode of Extrastuffs, where Bryan gets the tour of the place and thinks about aquaponics for the home.

Thanks always to Erik Betlem, Ken Stowar and Sam Petite and CIUT for recording facilities.

And a huge thank you to Chris Foster (www.chrisfoster.ca) for our Foodstuffs logo. Cheers!

This August Bryan took a trip to Newmarket's upStream Aquaponics to learn how they're using tilapia to provide healthy produce for York Region.

On this weeks Extrastuffs, upStream Coordinator, Tricia Richens, gives us the tour of the facility and explains why she hopes to build an aquaponics system in her own home one day.