Episode 5: Politics of Food (+ Drink)

Episode 5 of Foodstuffs takes us away from home; we head to Montreal with Jess to talk about food and politics and then Bryan leads us to Mexico to learn about the rich history of a silky- and healthy?- alcoholic beverage.

First up, Jess visits with Diana Bronson, Executive Director of Food Secure Canada, to discuss how voters can impact their representatives to make food- and all its related issues- a topic on Parliament Hill.

Then we travel to Mexico, where Bryan learns firsthand the medicinal effects, and historical significance, of pulque- a delicious drink with a complicated past.



Thanks this week to Diana Bronson of Food Secure Canada (foodsecurecanada.org/) and Hugo Martorell for setting up the interview.

Thanks also to Alberto Deleon and the staff of La Perla Pixan Cuisine & Mexcal Store (www.laperlaplaya.net/) for hosting Bryan and feeding him grassphoppers and pulque.

We are ever grateful to Erik Betlem, Ken Stowar and Sam Petite and CIUT for the use of their recording facilities.

And- as always- a big thank you to Chris Foster (www.chrisfoster.ca) for our Foodstuffs logo. Cheers!

On this Extrastuffs, we hang out with Alberto Deleon and Bryan (and his wife Simal!) as they continue their discussion of indegenous the Central Mexican boozy beverage, pulque, pre-hispanic Mexican cuisine and Mexican politics.